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American foods that are strange to foreigners

Raw meat, sea cucumbers and chocolate drizzled chicken; I love trying new and bizarre foods. In fact, just yesterday I munched on some squid. It wasn’t the first time I had calamari, just the first time it was whole and not fried. The sight of it was more intimidating than the taste. The head was in a classic oblong oval shape while its suction cup dotted tentacles curled up like the wicked witch of the west’s feet after a house fell on her. But the little guys tasted delicious despite their looks.

I ate squid at an Asian restaurant where it is common to eat different types of seafood. To this specific culture, it probably seemed like no big deal to devour these squishy ocean critters. And that got me thinking. What types of American food do different cultures find disgusting, repulsive, strange?

One Australian on a yahoo answers message board had four different foods they found strange; pumpkin pie, clam chowder, sloppy joes and their number one, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

And this Aussie isn’t the only one that thinks PB&J is nasty. Natacha from Chile says peanut butter is “weird” in a Houston Press blog post. And Iris from Germany thinks our regular sandwich bread is “squishy.”

Other foods on the blog list are mayonnaise, biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon, grits, pepper and pasta. And these are some of the basic staples of American cuisine.

Do you think certain American foods are strange? Let me know in the comments.



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Food scents that shouldn’t be made into candles

My house is filled with candles. Candles in the bathroom, candles on the kitchen table, candles on the nightstand. My favorite scents are food related fragrances like apple and cinnamon. Those are some pretty normal, vanilla flavors. But I stumbled upon a strange website recently where you can suggest a candle scent and buy some other unique smelling candles inspired by food and drink. It’s called Hotwicks. Here’s my top five weird scents from Hotwicks both suggested and made.                                                                                                        



I know people love the smell of fresh bread, but it’s kind of strange for a candle. Why don’t you just bake some bread instead?


“My friend’s wife is not a good person and she’s a hardcore vegetarian so when she visits my house, I would love to fill the house with the fragrance of meat… of any kind.” — Suggested by JD., RALEIGH, NC


“This was already suggested but I want to second the idea and strongly recommend it. It’s one of the funniest smells ever.” –Suggested by Josh E., MIAMI BEACH, FL


“Everything’s better with bacon, including your living room. Now you can turn your love of bacon into a full-blown problem with the new HOTWICKS BACON CANDLE. Burn it with THE COFFEE CANDLE and THE PANCAKE CANDLE and treat your nose to a nice breakfast.” -Hotwicks


I feel like you might have an addiction if your burning this wick.


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Virgo and food; A tumultuous relationship

Photo Credit: yoloakili.comI get a kick out of astrology. Most of it is bogus, but I love the eerie feeling I get when my astrology characteristics know me better than myself.

Stumbling upon a blog  by Jo Tracey about astrological signs and food, I thought it would interesting to post a blog about every sign and their relationship with food.

So, I will start with my own sign, Virgo (August 23-September 23). The most interesting tidbits, taken directly from Jo Tracey Astrology:

“This is one sign who seriously can forget to eat. They need routine, but are often too busy to follow one. Change disturbs their digestion and it doesn’t take that much to disturb their constitution, which isn’t that strong. Virgo gets travel belly, can become constipated by change, and have runny tummy or wind problems as a result of life’s other anxieties.”

“In the body Virgo rules the digestive system, in particular the digestive tract and the small intestine or rather all those processes which break down the food we eat, so that the nutrients can be absorbed and assimilated into the organs and parts of the body that they will do the most good.”

“Virgo is also susceptible to food allergies and intolerance and may be insensitive to wheat and dairy, with their skin and digestion becoming clogged and congested when the wrong foods are eaten.”

“The Virgo constitution doesn’t deal with processed food, junk foods or too much meat, so these should be kept to moderation in order to keep your digestion operating at peak condition. With Virgos tendency to eat at her desk or on the run or in between the million and one other things she is doing…”

“Virgo does well on earth based foods- grains, whole foods, anything to do with the harvest. Virgo also does well on semi vegetarian type diets (generally the ones where you don’t eat anything that has eyelashes) or food combining diets (things like not mixing dairy with flesh etc).  Care should be taken to get enough protein (nuts are a great source if you aren’t into lean meats) and fibre.”

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Do you have an aphrodisiac in your cupboards?

Today we have Viagra and Cialis. But throughout history, our ancestors turned to the mystical workings of nature. From fruit to spices, there were food remedies to cure any problems of one of humans’ most basic instinct, sex.

Photo Credit: hemantchourasia.blogspot.com

These traditions have carried on to modern times. Some foods, such as raw oysters, have a notorious reputation for turning you on. But others are less known. Do you have an aphrodisiac in your cupboard?

The Aztecs called the avocado tree “ahuacatl,” or “testicle tree,” according to an askmen article. Avocados “contain high levels of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins, giving you more energy. They also contain vitamin B6 (a nutrient that increases male hormone production) and potassium (which helps regulate a woman’s thyroid gland), two elements that help increase libido in both men and women.”Cinnamon

A pinch of cinnamon in your coffee or tea everyday could result in better sex. The spice lowers high blood sugar which can restrict the flow of blood to the vagina and penis.
Pumpkin Seeds
You might never look at carving pumpkins again. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which has a reputation for increasing fertility and sex drive. Also high in zinc; Shellfish. Shellfish includes not only oysters, but shrimp, mussels, clams, scallops and lobster among others.
Who knew a salad could be so sexy. Arugula greens have been rumored to be an aphrodisiac since the 1st century. It was often combined with other ingredients such as pine nuts, also an aphrodisiac.
Love can be as sweet as honey. “Many medicines in Egyptian times were based on honey including cures for sterility and impotence. Medieval seducers plied their partners with Mead, a fermented drink made from honey. Lovers on their “Honeymoon” drank mead and it was thought to “sweeten” the marriage,” according to gourmetsleuth.com.
But not everyone believes in aphrodisiacs. Dr. Ruth Westheimer says, “researchers discovered that a man must consume nearly 50 oysters to feel their sexually intensifying effects. As for the wine, more than one glass can cause your blood vessels to constrict and put a damper on your arousal.”
So what are some other cures for sexual problems? Livescience.com says respect and getting in shape are better for your sex life.
Photo Credit: androxa.wordpress.com

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Chicken eggs are not baby chickens

Call me an idiot, but I always thought that when I ate a chicken egg, I was eating an embryo. I don’t know what’s worse, me thinking that I was eating a baby chicken, or me being okay with eating an embryo. But it turns out, that it is a common misconception that the eggs we buy at the store are fertilized.

Photo Credit: Clker.com, shared by "Lucy"

In fact, the eggs at the supermarket will never develop into a chick. They are unfertilized eggs. Hens need a rooster in order to have a fertilized egg. (well duh.)

No the white string that is in many eggs is not the umbilical cord. It’s called the chalazae, which helps anchor the yolk to the egg.

And blood spots are not a sign that the egg is fertilized. They are caused by a rupture of blood vessels on the yolk’s surface.

Now that I dispelled that nasty misunderstanding, the world of laying eggs is still a bizarre one.

Some people, *cough* PETA, refer to the process of laying eggs as a “chicken period.”

What the hell?

But, it is kind of true. Hens lay one egg about once a day for a period of four to six days and then rest. They are expelling the unfertilized eggs.

Now I am very confused to why vegans don’t eat eggs. They’re not baby chickens. Are they protesting the terrible conditions chickens are grown in? If so, buy locally and support a more noble business.

Mother nature is providing for us. True, eggs are high in cholesterol, but fat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives you the energy to go about your day, especially if your active and eat natural foods like fruits, veggies and meat.

I’m not saying eat eggs in mass quantities everyday, but it won’t kill you to eat them, and it’s not killing any vulnerable baby chickens either.


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Could eating magic mushrooms become the new medical marijuana?

“Drugs are bad, mkay.”

Those are famous words coined by Mr. Mackey, South Park’s school counselor. Children and young adults often hear those words (minus the “mkay”) from their own teachers, school speakers and parents throughout their young lives.

 But more and more studies are attempting to prove that a drug is actually good. They say that eating magic mushrooms may help people with  depression and other health issues.

Hmmm, is this going to turn into another medical marijuana epidemic?

Photo Credit: creepydrawings.blogspot.com

The  hallucinogenic chemical compound in the mushroom, psilocybin, helps ” turn off the parts of the brain that integrate sensations – seeing, hearing, feeling – with thinking,” according to an article on The Chart.

Wait…what? It’s going to turn off seeing, hearing, feeling? Wouldn’t that make me some kind of mindless zombie?

The study also found “that the more psilocybin shuts off the brain, the greater the feeling of being in an altered state of consciousness. [] It’s not the same as dreaming, because you’re fully conscious and aware.” Yea…this is also known as tripping.

Obviously, being in an altered state of consciousness can make one less depressed. Why do people drink after a stressful or bad event? Why do people abuse pills? To feel good.

Getting someone high is not a cure. It’s a cover-up.

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Strange foods from far away lands

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I did exactly that when I was in Paris. I tried escargot for the first time. It tasted like slimy dirt. Not sure if they cleaned them out right. In America, escargot is considered a “strange” food. But, foods can get a lot “stranger” than snails.

Escargot Photo Credit: eatingeast Flickr


Baby octopus is consumed in many eastern countries. I personally love octopus. Photo Credit: janetnewenham.wordpress.com


Balut, which is a duck egg that has a nearly developed embryo inside, is a delicacy in the Philippines. Photo Credit: schihei.wordpress.com


Funny, I just visited Cuba and iguanas run around everywhere on the base. Outside base, I am told they are not as common because, yep you've guessed it, people eat them. Photo Credit: blogs.miaminewtimes.com


Cockroaches in Asia thrive in the wet, tropical climate and are found everywhere, including people's' dinner plates.


Tarantulas aren't kept as pets in Cambodia. Photo Credit: coasttocoastam.com



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