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VIDEO: Five vintage food commercials

It’s amazing the transformation advertising has made through the decades. Now, a tv or radio ad should be 15 or 30 seconds. Check out these minutes-long vintage ads about food. Yes…they’re completely racist and sexist.


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As I am bumming around on Twitter today I notice the hashtag #FemalesOutHereShapedLike is trending. Too funny! I am enjoying reading what people have to say about the general shape of women. At first it starts out amusing and then I realize a disturbing trend; most of the responses depict women out of shape.

Here are some interesting comparisons:

1. The Michelin Man

2. A Bleach Bottle

3. Patrick Star and they think Niki Minaj

4. Hank Hill

5. Homer Simpson

7. A Bleach Bottle

8. They Permanently Pregnant

9. The iPhone 4s

10. The Kool-Aid Man

11. A Coke Bottle

12. Peter Griffin

13. The Android Logo

14. Angry Birds

15. Deformed Potatoes

16. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong

17. A “BMW” – “Body Made Wrong”

18. Upside Down Christmas Trees

19. The State of Texas

20. Meg Griffin

Either we have a serious obesity problem in America, or people just like calling women fat.



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