The beer can comeback

Are these cans a little too retro for today's beer guzzling hipsters?

Are these cans a little too retro for today’s beer guzzling hipsters?

Hipsters of the world prepare to celebrate!

You won’t be limited to PBR in cans at the bar any longer.

The trend of canning is making a comeback.

“Major brands have also jumped on the bandwagon of late. Just this past month, Anheuser-Busch (BUD)  has unveiled a style-conscious 11.3-ounce “bowtie” can — it tapers inward at the middle — for its popular Budweiser brand (the traditional 12-ounce Budweiser can will also continue to be offered). MillerCoors has a commemorative series of Miller High Life cans coming out this summer that pay homage to Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” according to a Yahoo! Finance article. “Samuel Adams (SAM)  has introduced what it bills as the “Sam can,” a container that’s designed with such features as a larger opening and an extended lip — all of which are intended to bring out the beer’s full flavor.”


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