American foods that are strange to foreigners

Raw meat, sea cucumbers and chocolate drizzled chicken; I love trying new and bizarre foods. In fact, just yesterday I munched on some squid. It wasn’t the first time I had calamari, just the first time it was whole and not fried. The sight of it was more intimidating than the taste. The head was in a classic oblong oval shape while its suction cup dotted tentacles curled up like the wicked witch of the west’s feet after a house fell on her. But the little guys tasted delicious despite their looks.

I ate squid at an Asian restaurant where it is common to eat different types of seafood. To this specific culture, it probably seemed like no big deal to devour these squishy ocean critters. And that got me thinking. What types of American food do different cultures find disgusting, repulsive, strange?

One Australian on a yahoo answers message board had four different foods they found strange; pumpkin pie, clam chowder, sloppy joes and their number one, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

And this Aussie isn’t the only one that thinks PB&J is nasty. Natacha from Chile says peanut butter is “weird” in a Houston Press blog post. And Iris from Germany thinks our regular sandwich bread is “squishy.”

Other foods on the blog list are mayonnaise, biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon, grits, pepper and pasta. And these are some of the basic staples of American cuisine.

Do you think certain American foods are strange? Let me know in the comments.



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8 responses to “American foods that are strange to foreigners

  1. Aren’t Australians the ones that eat vegamite? And they think PB&J is weird? XD

  2. “Don’t knock it till you try it” is my motto! I am a fan of PB & JAM sandwiches, but I prefer vegemite! Never tried a grit and your biscuits are obviously different to our biscuits, ‘cos there’s no way I’d put gravy on mine!
    I also find mustard on hot dogs strange…and that whole ‘roadkill as food’ thing gives me chills. Otherwise I just think American serving sizes are huge!

  3. Really interesting! Yumminess is in the mouth of the taster, I suppose. A British friend once remarked to me that root beer “tastes like antiseptic” (mouthwash).

  4. McDonalds… Is it recycled styrofoam?

  5. Bacon? Pepper and pasta? And PBJ? Why are those weird for them? I just don’t get it. And don’t give me the reason that “people are culturally different and also their tastes in food”. I’m Filipino and I find Balut weird. But mayonnaise? C’mon.

  6. Yeah good point. I’m always trying to eat other foods besides “American”, that I never think about this. I find it hard to not like peanut butter, but to each his own. In our defense though, Australians like vegemite.

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