Take your power back

For all those trying to lose weight, get in the gym and get healthier, keep at it. You’ll never reach your goals if you keep having to start over.

This quote stuck out at me. In my blog I try and promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. With 1 in 3 Americans being obese…not overweight, not chubby, OBESE…America is loosing its ability to move.  Some people can’t run. Some people have trouble breathing after just walking. Some fight for front row parking at the supermarket. Some ride in motor-chairs. Some can’t play outside with their kids. Heck, they’re kids probably don’t even play outside due to video games and electronic devices.

That must be the most powerless feeling-to not be able to move freely or with ease. Take your power back America! Take it!



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2 responses to “Take your power back

  1. Feeling the postive vibes from this post. Keep it up, enjoy reading your stuff.

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