Spring Break’s “healthy” alcoholic drinks

So I haven’t posted in the past week because I’ve been away on Spring Break in Key Largo, Florida. And with Spring Break comes a lot of drinking, namely sugary margaritas and daiquiris on the beach or tropical beer at the tiki bar. While we were out one night, a fellow barfly suggested to my friend to get a vodka soda instead of a vodka tonic, because it had less calories, in fact almost close to zero. I’ve heard this before, but it didn’t sound right. So now I’m debunking it. “A jigger of 80 proof unflavored vodka contains 64 calories, while 90 proof has 110 calories and 100 proof offers 124 calories,” according to a livestrong.com article. 

64 cals, not bad. So what other drinks aren’t going to have more calories than a big mac?

Fitday.com has composed an interesting list:

1. Champagne

2. Martini

3. Vodka Soda

4. Gin and Tonic

5. Fizzy Lemonade

6. Mojito

I was especially surprised about the last two. But switching out a few ingredients can make it much more healthy, such as the simple syrup for honey. It probably makes it taste much fresher too.

On my Spring Break, we also made homemade pina coladas with ice cream, fresh pineapple and coconut cream. They were delicious and who knows how much healthier or more fattening they were then using the store-bought mix. Regardless, pina coladas are known for being filling, fatty drinks. They made #3 on Forbes’s list of most fattening cocktails behind a Long Island Ice Tea and Margarita. White Russian and Mai Tai were close behind at 4 and 5.

Whatever you’re drinking, enjoy it. Social occasions are about fun and relaxation. Just drink responsibly.



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One response to “Spring Break’s “healthy” alcoholic drinks

  1. Bugger – I love a long island iced tea!

    Bug @ Bugwear

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