Doritos taco shell…huh? Gross.

As if America couldn’t get any fatter, now you can get your taco on a giant chip, that is a doritos taco shell at Taco Bell. Launched March 8, the new Doritos Locos Tacos contain 170 calories, not too bad for a fast food item, but still…yuck.

Stranger than that, Taco Bell is moving from a “food as fuel” restaurant to a “food experience” restaurant. So get ready for the experience of packing on the pounds and licking that artificial cheesy powder off your fingers.



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2 responses to “Doritos taco shell…huh? Gross.

  1. I am a longtime Taco Bell fan, and the D Loco is pretty damn good! Happy St Paddys Day!

  2. Elvira Jorge aka curvy elvie

    Golly, when you put it that way LOL.

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