Disney’s new exhibit accused of “fat shaming”

When you think of a fairy, you probably think of a slender sprite with delicate arms and legs and a thin waist. How else would her wings lift her, right? But Epcott’s new educational exhibit, called Habit Heroes, features a fairy named Snacker as one of its main villains. She loves to eat processed foods, and her figure shows it; double chin, buldging tummy and “cankles.”

Her accomplices include an equally round mobster, Glutton, and a couch potato named Lead Bottom. And of course the heroes are the vision of fitness and health, Will Power and Callie Stenics.  

This new exhibit has people in an outrage.

 “I just can’t believe somebody out there thought it was a good idea to pick up where the school bullies left off and shame kids on their vacation,” Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an assistant professor of family medicine, told the Calgary Herald.

Others say that although teaching kids about healthy eating was the goal, it’s also teaching kids to hate fat people.

So is it also teaching kids to use guns, since during the first half of the exhibit, kids can use guns to shoot the cream puffs and other processed foods around Snacker with vegetable ammo?

People are distressed by reality. Everything is so carefully calculated, so politically correct now days. But you know what, if you eat processed foods, you get fat, you get morbidly obese.

It was clear in this exhibit that the characters got to their weight from eating processed foods, being inactive and eating too much. Not that they were just naturally bigger boned.

It’s ok to have a naturally thicker frame and if you’re eating healthy and exercising and still maintain that frame, then that’s okay. Health is beauty.

But nobody has a naturally obese frame.

Health problems in the U.S. are already escalating and they’re only going to get worse. “More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese,” according to the CDC.  And “obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States – triple the rate from just one generation ago.”

Food companies don’t care about you. Corporations don’t care about you. It’s all about the all mighty dollar, and it’s up to you to buy healthy foods and educate yourselves and your families.

And stop getting so upset when someone is called fat, who is actually fat.



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2 responses to “Disney’s new exhibit accused of “fat shaming”

  1. Elvie

    Very good points are brought up.

  2. while I don’t particularly agree with shoving healthy foods down people’s throats, I’m all for the exhibit. I mean, have critics walked around Disney lately? People *should* be “fat shamed” The amount of morbidly obese people who can’ fit on the rides or walk through the turnstiles is an embarrassment to our country.

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