An aquarius can’t live without coffee

Happy birthday aquarius! I’ve already posted about the relationship that virgos and food share. So what foods does an aquarius love?

According to iVillage:

“Aquarius rules the olive tree, which works well for an Air Sign who wants to snack and run. They like a variety of strong flavours, including garlic and ginger, but basically they’ll eat almost anything, The Water Bearer would rather have takeaway than cook themselves or visit a restaurant.” 

Accroding to Astrology Recipes:

“Aquarians are fans of tart foods, especially lemon. They are the ones most likely to have a hi-tech kitchen and the trendiest dining furniture. Crystal or anything sparkly on the dinner table will appeal to Aquarius. 

Aquarians tend to go for food fads. But Aquarius is a fixed sign and often finds the tried and true preferable after sporadic phases of sampling eclectic food combinations.

Coffee is often a daily meal substitute – a routine that can last for years and is difficult for Aquarians to break. It might be better to occasionally substitute yogurt, kefir, or soy milks.

Aquarians maintain good health with nutritious and tasty appetizers and vegetable salads.

Aquarians should exclude all sweets – candy, cakes, and processed carbohydrates. A small amount of dark chocolate is acceptable. Yeast infections can be a symptom of too much sugar intake.

Aquarians prefer informal dining to fancy dinner parties. They aren’t impressed by Martha Stewart niceties and the extra touches that take a lot of time to prepare. Food is more important for how it tastes than for what it looks like.

Alcohol is destructive to an Aquarian’s nervous system. But a small amount of light beer or champagne and other drinks with carbonation may help calm the nerves.

Typical Aquarius Ailments:
Injuries and Ankle problems (edema), genital infections (too much sugar), poor circulation, varicose veins, blood disorders, nervousness and anxiety, lack of sleep.


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