Flaws with the paleo diet according to a fat loss coach

Although I try and stay as close to the paleo diet as possible, I’ve often wondered what was so bad about rice since it has been a food staple in the East for a very long time.

Tom Venuto, a weight loss coach, wrote an interesting article about the flaws of the paleo diet. I can’t say I agree or disagree, more research is needed, but I do like to read articles for and against the paleo diet.

I do understand where he is coming from and appreciate his input. I didn’t like where he got preachy, however:

“If you really want to be 100% like a cave man, why not ditch your car and your computer too, because that will certainly get you off your butt more won’t it? Heck, ditch your electricity and your refrigerator while you’re at it because that would be on the same level of thinking as universally condemining all natural carbs for the sake of being more “paleo.”

He’s completely off the mark there. Electricity isn’t hurting my body. And I am responsible enough to offset office and school activities that often have me sedentary by starting my day with a trip to the gym.




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2 responses to “Flaws with the paleo diet according to a fat loss coach

  1. Pa-Leo

    I’m just wondering how many current and past body builders are either pre-type II diabetic or will be in the future via high levels of insulin production over the years from excess carbs and protein…Healthy eating is a commitment for LIFE, not just to look good on the outside for a few years and then everything come crashing down around us. I don’t know too many 70 and 80 year old body builders, I don’t think they typically live that long. Looking like that on the outside doesn’t insure an equal vitality on the inside…just my opinion.

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