Homage to sushi

I absolutely adore sushi. And just because I’m on living the paleo diet doesn’t mean I will ever give up sushi for the little bit of rice that is squished in between raw goodness and seaweed nutrition. I found an article that discussed the dreaded white rice question- is it bad? I won’t ever make rice as a side or cook it in a casserole, but a little bit of rice on my sushi isn’t going to kill me. So here’s some of the coolest rolls and sushi related things I’ve seen as a tribute to such a delicious snack:
































































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3 responses to “Homage to sushi

  1. Me love sushi too. Me give up veganism for sushi. Sushi good.

  2. I love the range of items here! One sushi item I always think of are the lil sushi on wheels in Little Big Planet. Here in Korea, we have lots of sushi erasers, hand warmers, and themed lunch items, too. I want them all!!

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