Virgo and food; A tumultuous relationship

Photo Credit: yoloakili.comI get a kick out of astrology. Most of it is bogus, but I love the eerie feeling I get when my astrology characteristics know me better than myself.

Stumbling upon a blog  by Jo Tracey about astrological signs and food, I thought it would interesting to post a blog about every sign and their relationship with food.

So, I will start with my own sign, Virgo (August 23-September 23). The most interesting tidbits, taken directly from Jo Tracey Astrology:

“This is one sign who seriously can forget to eat. They need routine, but are often too busy to follow one. Change disturbs their digestion and it doesn’t take that much to disturb their constitution, which isn’t that strong. Virgo gets travel belly, can become constipated by change, and have runny tummy or wind problems as a result of life’s other anxieties.”

“In the body Virgo rules the digestive system, in particular the digestive tract and the small intestine or rather all those processes which break down the food we eat, so that the nutrients can be absorbed and assimilated into the organs and parts of the body that they will do the most good.”

“Virgo is also susceptible to food allergies and intolerance and may be insensitive to wheat and dairy, with their skin and digestion becoming clogged and congested when the wrong foods are eaten.”

“The Virgo constitution doesn’t deal with processed food, junk foods or too much meat, so these should be kept to moderation in order to keep your digestion operating at peak condition. With Virgos tendency to eat at her desk or on the run or in between the million and one other things she is doing…”

“Virgo does well on earth based foods- grains, whole foods, anything to do with the harvest. Virgo also does well on semi vegetarian type diets (generally the ones where you don’t eat anything that has eyelashes) or food combining diets (things like not mixing dairy with flesh etc).  Care should be taken to get enough protein (nuts are a great source if you aren’t into lean meats) and fibre.”


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