Chicken eggs are not baby chickens

Call me an idiot, but I always thought that when I ate a chicken egg, I was eating an embryo. I don’t know what’s worse, me thinking that I was eating a baby chicken, or me being okay with eating an embryo. But it turns out, that it is a common misconception that the eggs we buy at the store are fertilized.

Photo Credit:, shared by "Lucy"

In fact, the eggs at the supermarket will never develop into a chick. They are unfertilized eggs. Hens need a rooster in order to have a fertilized egg. (well duh.)

No the white string that is in many eggs is not the umbilical cord. It’s called the chalazae, which helps anchor the yolk to the egg.

And blood spots are not a sign that the egg is fertilized. They are caused by a rupture of blood vessels on the yolk’s surface.

Now that I dispelled that nasty misunderstanding, the world of laying eggs is still a bizarre one.

Some people, *cough* PETA, refer to the process of laying eggs as a “chicken period.”

What the hell?

But, it is kind of true. Hens lay one egg about once a day for a period of four to six days and then rest. They are expelling the unfertilized eggs.

Now I am very confused to why vegans don’t eat eggs. They’re not baby chickens. Are they protesting the terrible conditions chickens are grown in? If so, buy locally and support a more noble business.

Mother nature is providing for us. True, eggs are high in cholesterol, but fat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives you the energy to go about your day, especially if your active and eat natural foods like fruits, veggies and meat.

I’m not saying eat eggs in mass quantities everyday, but it won’t kill you to eat them, and it’s not killing any vulnerable baby chickens either.



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6 responses to “Chicken eggs are not baby chickens

  1. Anonymous

    vegan dont eat eggs since many male baby chick are killed immediately after their birth simply because they dont have eggs.

  2. As a kid I had two chickens! It was always such a treat to go outside and collect the eggs, and the tasted AMAZING! I am really not sure why vegans don’t eat eggs, I think it has more to do with the fact that they just don’t eat any animal product. I just don’t know how they do it… I love eggs, and cheese 🙂

  3. NIce post! You should maybe consider posting about why women/people think Chick Fila is the best damn chicken in the world. At least where I live, there ia a huge dbl standard. If you take a women on a date and buy her a Mc Donald’s chicken sandwitch..then you’re cheap as hell. Buy her a Chick Fil-A…and you may get lucky. I don’t get it…good post, I like your blog;)

  4. I didn’t know about the chicken period thing. Ew!

  5. You know I though this same thing for a long time.

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