Why are so many military wives fat?

He’s a female fantasy; A muscular Marine, shirtless. His tight body glistening with sweat, gun over his shoulder as he fights for our freedom.

Just because a man is in the military, people assume he’s fit. And since he’s fit and beautiful, then his wife should be too, right? I mean, beautiful people marry beautiful people and make beautiful babies. (Sense the sarcasm here.)

Well, if that’s the case, then why are so many miliary wives are fat? At least that’s what one serviceman asked on Yahoo! ANSWERS.

When I first stumbled upon the thread, I thought it was hilarious. As a military wife myself, I see so many overweight wives shopping at the commissary with a basket full of unhealthy food and kids begging for candy.

One poster referred to these women as having “‘fat wife’ syndrome.”

Then I thought of all the overweight men and women who are active duty. Sure there are PT tests they have to pass. But many of them fail and have to go to required training.

And then I thought of all the overweight people in America.

I felt guilty for thinking the thread was funny. It was a huge generalization. And stereotypes are never good.

I couldn’t believe some of the superficial posts that were made:

“I have some seen some heifers in the military wife pool. I stay skinny and sexy, gives me a reason to stay happy and makes my hubby even more attracted to me over the years. I am still a size 0, like the day we met. I often represent my hubby when we are together in public or functions. No one wants to a fat, ugly wife. I don’t think these ugly/fat women realize the teasing men get behind their backs for ugly wives.”

It’s doesn’t matter about a woman being “skinny” and “sexy.” Fit and healthy is what is should be about. I’m a slender girl, but there are many more women out there that weigh more than I do that are far more fit than I am.

Still, posters pressed on with a very valid point; Military wives are representing our country, therefore, they should be fit and healthy.

I can’t say I agree with this wholeheartedly. I think everybody should be representing America. We’re a laughing-stock with an obesity rate higher than other countries. I’m sure many of you have seen the picture of a fat woman sitting down with her thong poking out and a skinny hottie with a thong poking out side by side labeled, “the main difference between Europe and USA.”

Step up and cut back, America, literally. Take pride in your body, like you do in your country.

I'm sure many have seen this picture. "We're a laughing stock with an obesity rate higher than other countries."



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9 responses to “Why are so many military wives fat?

  1. charles allen

    I was in the military during Vietnam. I have to say we didn’t have as many overweight spouses back then. Of course not that many of us were married either. It was hard to support a wife and yourself on 250 dollars to 300 dollars a month. The ones I did know who were married had rather thin and healthy wives. I am sure there were some overwieght one at that time, but I didnot really see many. The officers wives were almost always thin and shapely. This is because they were also representing there husbands at social functions. Just my oberservations from back then. For what they are worth.

  2. Obese people are everywhere. Bottom line ( no pun intended) is that it’s unhealthy and set a person up for all sorts of health problem…not to mention the emotional ones. And not a good model for children to follow. Stress doesn’t help – but that’s a reason not an excuse.

  3. Anonymous

    I just saw this young Marine at the pool, a good looking guy with one hell of a big wife. So, I decided to ask the question.. Well after reading the post you blogged about, I have a theory, and I hate to point this out, but… There have been numerous studies that have found a strong correlation between poverty, education, and obesity. I feel the simple answer is many enlisted wives are simply poor and uneducated. Not that they are bad people, I served 5 yes in the Corps my self….

  4. First time to your blog,and I gotta say I like your style! I cover the same type topics on my blog…lol. I think that men and women need to strive to be fit, sadly many people do not feel the same way. Sometimes the truth hurts…but each of us can decide who we want to be and how we want to look. In a twisted way it takes guts to call obease/unhealty people out. Nice Work!

  5. Sometimes it is hard to understand how a military member, who is regularly focused on his or her health can have much left in common with a spouse who doesn’t also focus on their health.

    I agree that it’s not about being skinny, but rather about being fit and healthy. I love seeing spouses in the gym on base. Maybe we should all start more health centric groups. Instead of getting together for dinner and drinks lets get together to go for hikes and bike rides!

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