Strange foods from far away lands

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I did exactly that when I was in Paris. I tried escargot for the first time. It tasted like slimy dirt. Not sure if they cleaned them out right. In America, escargot is considered a “strange” food. But, foods can get a lot “stranger” than snails.

Escargot Photo Credit: eatingeast Flickr


Baby octopus is consumed in many eastern countries. I personally love octopus. Photo Credit:


Balut, which is a duck egg that has a nearly developed embryo inside, is a delicacy in the Philippines. Photo Credit:


Funny, I just visited Cuba and iguanas run around everywhere on the base. Outside base, I am told they are not as common because, yep you've guessed it, people eat them. Photo Credit:


Cockroaches in Asia thrive in the wet, tropical climate and are found everywhere, including people's' dinner plates.


Tarantulas aren't kept as pets in Cambodia. Photo Credit:



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6 responses to “Strange foods from far away lands

  1. Awesome pictures thanks for sharing! Perfect for a youth group illustration 😉

  2. It’s amazing to see what weird and crazy things people eat from other cultures. I’m sure what we’re accustomed to seems pretty weird to them too.

  3. These look very interesting; these look, and probably taste, absolutely amazing… Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  4. We ate a whole evenings worth of weird things….check out our Mission to China part 4. Cat is very tasty it turns out!!!

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