My big fat Greek drama

Drama, theatrics; The Greeks invented it. They created it. They owned it. And for one year of my life, I got to witness a different type of Greek theatrics.

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I worked at a family owned seafood restaurant last year. Three Greek brothers ran the joint. One worked the bar, one the kitchen, and the other just sat at “The Family Table” and ate all night.

When I applied, one brother warned me, ‘We’re Greek, this is family owned, things can get crazy, people can be rude. Can you handle that?’

I handled it very well. In my year there I saw many employees come and go, some as short as a mere three days. The constant grumpiness from the brother who worked the line was aggravated at the least. I once saw another employee throw two baked potatoes at his feet while in a shouting match with him.

The brother behind the bar could be very sweet and nice. I’m sure it helped that I was woman. But when he was in a bad mood, there was no negotiating.

There were no rules, like in a corporate business. The schedule sometimes would only be done day by day. The servers were constantly running out of ketchup, salad dressing, crackers, cheese, toppings, silverware. I mean, what kind of restaurant runs out of silverware? And napkins!? One time I had to bring my table, which had two platters of 1lb snow crab legs, an oyster shucker and fork because we had no more crab crackers available.

With all these flaws however, I got to see a lot of dishes being prepared and learned some new kitchen terms.

Unfortunately, the Greek drama caught up to me and I quit. But I am thankful for my experience. As hectic and frustrating as it could be, it’s a restaurant. After three years of working in the restaurant business, I understand that’s how kitchens are and I have come to love each kitchen I worked at. All are cluttered, loud, smell delicious. But each has its own culture and lifestyle.

So in honor of this little Greek restaurant, I will share a simple Greek dressing recipe that we used to prepare for guest and that I just used on my salad.

Greek Dressing like the Greeks do it:

(There are no measurements)

1) Fill up half the container with extra virgin olive oil

2) Fill the other half with a red wine vinegar

3) A dash of oregano

4) A dash of salt

4) A dash of pepper

Shake well and enjoy.

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