Facebook community shocked by picture of chicken

Night before last I posted a delicious looking picture on Facebook of a pizza I made, using cauliflower for the crust. Within minutes I had two Facebook messages asking me for the recipe and another comment asking for it. 

When I made cinnamon chicken and posted a picture, the same thing happened in the form of two comments.

Looks like my Facebook friends are interested in good looking food and good tasting food. But good food can be healthy and alternative. In fact, it’s the mainstream restaurants and corporations that are duping us into eating food that has gone through so many processes, that it’s not really even food anymore.

Today I am pleased to get on Facebook and see this rather unusual looking picture being circulated. It looks like a gigantic spiral of play-doe that is being folded into a box. Can you guess what it is?

 For years McDonald’s has had a bad rep for their fatty foods. Documentaries like “Super Size Me” have sought to combat its grossly unhealthy menu. In this picture is what the chicken nuggets from McDonald’s used to be made of until 2010, according to a 2010 Huffington Post articleMany frozen chicken nuggets at the grocery store and other meat products are still made out of this paste. So what is this mush exactly?

It is mechanically separated chicken.

Ok…so what exactly is that?

“Mechanically separated poultry is a paste-like and batter-like poultry product produced by forcing bones, with attached edible tissue, through a sieve or similar device under high pressure to separate bone from the edible tissue. Mechanically separated poultry has been used in poultry products since the late 1960’s. In 1995, a final rule on mechanically separated poultry said it was safe and could be used without restrictions. However, it must be labeled as “mechanically separated chicken or turkey” in the product’s ingredients statement,” according to the USDA.

The real story as explained in the HuffPost article, which they got from Fooducate:

“Someone figured out in the 1960s that meat processors can eek out a few more percent of profit from chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows by scraping the bones 100% clean of meat. This is done by machines, not humans, by passing bones leftover after the initial cutting through a high pressure sieve. The paste you see in the picture above is the result.”

“There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia… Then, because it tastes gross, it will be reflavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.

But, hey, at least it tastes good, right?

High five, America!”

On Tuesday, Deb Mahan posted the picture on Facebook. So far it has generated 7 likes, 3,261 shares. Although she explains the process of mechanically separated chicken accurately, she wrongly says it is still in McDonald’s nuggets.


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One response to “Facebook community shocked by picture of chicken

  1. Anonymous

    ewww so gross that what some people ate. I even at it once. I regret it now

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