I am no domestic goddess…or so I thought

I am terrible at cooking. I can mess up the easiest task. I mean, come on, I burn my toast every single time.

No one ever taught me the ways of the kitchen. My parents wouldn’t let me near a stove until I was 17 because they were scared I would burn the house down. And so, my potential with food suffered.

Now that I am on the paleo diet, I can’t have any cereal grains, which includes wheat, rye, brown rice, any kind of beans, etc. which means a lot more cooking with meats and spices and a lot less of throwing pasta on the burner or a pizza in the oven.

At first I was deterred. All I knew how to make was a chicken stir fry, which for the first week was all I had night after night.

But then I grew some balls and decided to try out a new recipe for cinnamon chicken.


I was so proud of myself. The meat didn’t dry out, the cinnamon and other spices weren’t too overpowering. It would be something I would serve to my husband, who by the way cooks very well, and would not be embarrassed.

My hope is to live healthier through eating unprocessed foods and of course experience new flavors through becoming a better cook.

My dog, Riley, is begging for my cinnamon chicken


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